Mission Creek Bikeway and Greenbelt Concept Plan

written by: judy west and josh hart

Project Team:

Judy West, Madrina Group

Josh Hart, Rails-to-Trails Conservancy

Kate Bickert, Rails-to-Trails Conservancy

Leah Shahum, San Francisco Bicycle Coalition

Peter Tannen, San Francisco Department of Parking and Traffic

Oliver Gajda, San Francisco Department of Parking and Traffic

Mosaic Mural by Laurel True and Lillian Sizemore at 16th and Harrison produced for the Mission Creek Bikeway Markers Project by Judy West



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The enthusiasm for this project from those who work or live in the neighborhoods of SOMA, Showplace Square, Potrero Hill, and the Mission, and those who will work or live in Mission Bay, is a testament to the strong need for such a facility in this area of San Francisco. So many people contributed to this effort, it would be impossible to name them all. The following is a list of those who contributed significant time and effort to make a bikeway and greenbelt a reality along Mission Creek. We apologize in advance for any omissions.

Vince Healy and the students of the UC Berkeley Ext. Planting Design Class: Lisa Charpontier, Mariana De Toro, Daniel Edwards, Ellen E. Edwards, Johnny Fort, Shirley Geis, Kristi Gillespie, Richard Harker, Alleen N. Hodgkin, Amir Kunin, Jennifer D. Liw, Jonny McPhee, Kate Michels, Lisa Mitchel, Rick Morris, Claudia Olalla, Janet Pigot, Julia Sanders, Kap Seidel, Sally Schute, Nancy Silva, Ivor Thomas, Marge Tibbetts, and Melissa Willmann for their inspiring ideas and designs

digipop, especially Justin Smith for creating and maintaining the Mission Creek website and creating a digital photo tour of the corridor. Visit http://www.digipop.com/

David Parisi, Parisi Associates for traffic engineering assistance

Santos and Urrutia Engineering, for preparing the CAD maps of the corridor and plan

Arena Reed, for the before & after visualization and an interactive map on the website

Billy Blattner at Wessling Creative, for design of the Mission Creek Bikeway Logo

Trent Lethco, Ashley Nguyen, and MTC's TLC Program, for providing this grant

City of San Francisco, for selecting the MCB as a recipient of a TDA article 3 grant

Alon Picker and Q&A Multimedia, for photography, graphic design, and printing

Kap Seidel, for his work on the initial design concept

Leon Sun, for design of the front cover

Jeff Swenerton, for design and layout of the 2001 public meeting flyers

Stephanie Alting-Mees, for project management assistance

Gernot Huber for distribution of workshop invitations

AF Evans Development, for including the MCB in their design of 601 King St.

David Baker Architects, for livable community design contributions to this project

Dolby Labs, for continuing support and encouragement

Bay West Group, for support and encouragement

Supervisor Chris Daly (District 6), for his continuing support of the MCB

Amanda Eaken, for editing assistance

SPUR, for political support of the project and general guidance

Southern Exposure Gallery at Project Artaud, for providing public meeting space

RAM Development, for donating their storefront for exhibition space

West Properties for exhibition and meeting space

Jose Luis Moscovich, for his continuing support of this project

Mike Sallaberry and Cathal Hennessy, SF DPT, for traffic engineering assistance

Joe Ovadia of SF DPW, for working the MCB into and around the City's repaving program

Victor Miller and the New Mission News for continuing support and press coverage

Doug McNeil, Gwen Kaplan, and the Northeast Mission Business Association

PowerBar, for a seed grant to help SFBC with outreach surrounding this project

Potrero Nuevo Fund Prize for funding the Mission Creek Mosaic Mural (on the previous page)

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